Below you can find a example of a 3 month coaching program.

We will first decide your goals and where you want to go and we will tailer make your program for you needs.



During these pivotal times, we all need some guidance and support to tap into our purpose and motivation to be the best version of ourselves.

When your train is standing still, it takes some energy to get it back into movement.

To create the right path and become clear on where the train is heading, it takes some time, energy and focus. 

When we don’t know where to start. We need to reach out and receive the guidance of somebody who knows how to get the train back onto the tracks, moving it full throttle forward. And more important to keep it moving!



- Learn to Utilize your God given Talents

- Grow Roots and become Strong

- Find Clarity for the next Steps to take

- Find your Place in this world and more important SHARE IT!

- Transform Fear into Action!

- Learn about your Inner Alchemy process and utilize it

- Use your Stagnant energy and Transform into gold

- Feel Trust and Supported provided by the universe

- Tap into the Universal energy that is Available for you on a daily base


Through my own life course and experience. I know what is feels like TO BE CONNECTED and I know what it feels like to NOT BE CONNECTED.


Due to these very challenging times and my understanding of how to help and support you, I will start to offer 3 month private coaching sessions!

--> I will only take on 3 mentees every 3 months, to be fully available for you

--> For this first coaching trail, I will offer 225 euro discount for those wanting to journey with me! 775 euro instead of 1000 euro


IT'S A GREAT WAY TO CLOSE 2020 AND PREPARE AND OPEN A NEW CYCLES FOR 2021. A strong start is half the work! Hop on the train NOW!



Month 1: Clearing your waters ( Diving into the root)

Month 2: Preparing your waters ( Cultivating, Growing)

Month 3: Flowing your waters into manifestation ( Bold Action!)



- Creating a daily practice suited to your lifestyle

- Discover (more) meditation, bodywork, creativity, breathwork and more

- Explore inspirational video's, meditations, podcasts

- Create new path ways in habits and lifestyle

- Feeling connected, worthy and safe 

- Emotional cleaning

- Clarity

- Finding Purpose and Implementing it!

- More Energy & Inspiration

- Personal Practical Action Plan how to move forward



90 min a week 1-on- 1 coaching call ( 6hours a month)

  • Optional 30-60 min a week Home exploration with inspirational video's /books/practices, discovering the depths of your inner waters.



My name is Jennifer Ann, I am a musician, Ceremonial facilitator, Inspirational speaker and Coach. I have studied Ancient traditions for over 10 years, diving deep into my own waters. Discovering Yoga, Meditations, Breathwork, Ceremony, Health Foods, Music and other creative outlets. 

I have been through so many transformational processes, that I know what it is to go through it myself and also how to guide YOU through this process. It’s a such a beautiful time to support and exchange knowledge for those who are in need. I feel so blessed to be in this position to help and share my knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 10+ years…

I am bursting to share all that I have learned and so excited to see YOU grow!

I am here to serve your YOU-Universe! As we are ONE!








3 month tailor-made coaching

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€ 775,00Verkoopprijs

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